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Trekking tra i laghi

Tour Highlights: Laudan pass, Kulikalon pass, Fann mountains, Alauddin pass, Chapdara peak and river valley, Alauddin lakes.

Difficulty: medium/high, Distance: 75 km by car, 53 km on foot

Interesting facts about the region: In 1870 the well-known scientist and explorer AP Fedschenko visited the Fann Mountains, but the most significant development of the area as a tourist destination followed the visit of NV Paganuzzi in 1964 who decided to open up the area for tours.

1 Day. Drive to Duoba, located at the branching of the three gorges. You will feel immediately energized thanks to the extremely fresh air.

2 Day. Today we hike over the Laudan Pass (3,630m) to the Kulikalon Lakes (+830m – 12.5km, 6hs). You are here in the very middle of the Fanns! From the top of the pass the beauty of the Fann Mountains*, the five thousand metre high Kulikalon Wall and Lake will take your breath away! Overnight in tents near the Kulikalon Lake.

3 Day. Easy walking around the lakes, several of them of the purest emerald-blue waters. Time for pictures, swimming, and relax. Tomorrow it’s time for a difficult pass. Picnic lunch and dinner, overnight in tents. Most of you will feel the greatness and the magic of the mountains by spending the night under a sky full of stars!

4 Day. We go over the Alauddin Pass (3,860m) today (7km, 6hs, 960–1,060m), to the Alaudindin Lakes. On the pass saddle, spectacular views of the Chapdara Peak (5,197m) and the Chapdara river valley. Far below, clearly visible is the Alauddin Lakes bowl with amazing blue-ultramarine waters. Camp on the lake (2,800m) and overnight in tents.

5 Day. Departure.

Our tips
The tour is through mountainous terrain. Comfortable shoes, warm clothes, rain gear are required. Good physical preparation.

Price per person:

Group of 2 – 675 USD

Group of 4 – 412 USD

Price includes: 

  • 4 nights in tents
  • local transportation
  • guiding service
  • donkey service
  • full board
  • cook
  • outdoor equipment

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