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Trekking sull’Alatau

he average complexity itinerary for six-day hiking in Jungar Alatau with elevation drop 1800 – 3400 meters above sea level. This route will be interesting to the advanced mountain hikers as well as to the beginners with appropriate training. Route: Almaty Region (Kazakhstan).

Day 1. Almaty – Taldykorgan – Taubulak  

Departure from Almaty at 06:00. Arrival to Taldykorgan at 09:00 and boarding the all terrain transport. The length of the trip to Taubulak eco-camping is 132 km, of which 61 km is in mountainous terrain. During the 6-hour trip there are expected 2-3 stops (10-15 minutes) near the unique places of Jungar Alatau. Arrival to Taubulak eco-camping at 16:00. Accommodation and rest. Dinner, free time and preparation to trekking. Overnight in Taubulak eco-camping.

Mountains of Jungar Alatau serve as a natural border with China and have a length of 400 km. One of the most picturesque gorges of Zhetisu – Korinski Gorge lies in these mountains and stretches for 90 km. At the bottom of the gorge Kora River is flowing, which is born high in the mountains, in a kingdom of age-old glaciers. In winter and early spring waters of the river is calm and transparent, but when the snow covering the mountain slopes begin to melt away, the river becomes turbulent and rigorous and easily rolls over the huge boulders and breaks like a match the age-old trees. The road, winding along the river, accessible for good cross-country vehicles only and delivers a lot of emotions to all those who dare to go through it. Around, as far as the eye can see, the forests are. Spruce and fir alternates with a lacy greenery of birch trees, and meadows are covered with colorful flower carpet. The road goes higher and the nature becomes more severe: gay birches give way to high mountain plateaus, and dozens of large and small waterfalls rush down from the majestic rocky peaks. Inaccessibility of this area as a border zone for decades helped to keep here a brown bear, deer, mountain goat, as well as the wolf, fox and the hare, which are quite frequent met by travelers. The clear mountain streams originating from glaciers are inhabited by Osman fish.

Day 2. Taubulak – Kaskabulak Gorge – Kaskabulak Glacier   

Breakfast. Leaving the base and trekking through Kora gorge. Crossing Kora river and climbing the gorge Kaskabulak to the glacier. Setting up the camp. Dinner and overnight in tents near the glacier.

Day 3. Kaskabulak Glacier – Tektensai Gorge – Tronov Glacier

Breakfast and disassembling of the camp. Ascend on the glacier, pass to Tektensai gorge and further pass to Tronov glacier. Setting up the camp. Dinner and overnight in tents at moraine of Tronov glacier.

Day 4. Tronov Glacier – Olga Pass – Bezsonov Glacier  

Breakfast and disassembling of the camp. Ascend on the east moraine of the Tronov glacier to Olga pass. Descent to the Bezsonov glacier. Setting up the camp. Dinner and overnight in tents at moraine of Bezsonov glacier.

Day 5. Bezsonov Glacier – Kora Gorge – Yuzhnaya River  

Breakfast and disassembling of the camp. Descend on Bezsonov glacier to Yuzhnaya river in Kora gorge. Setting up the camp. Dinner and overnight in tents.glacier.

Day 6. Yuzhnaya River – Sapozhnikov Glacier – Yuzhnaya River  

Breakfast. Radial trekking to Sapozhnikov glacier. Dinner and overnight in tents.

Day 7. Yuzhnaya River – Kora Gorge – Taubulak      

Breakfast and disassembling of the camp. Descend through Kora gorge to Taubilak base. Rest and preparation to departure to Almaty. Overnight in Taubulak eco-camping.

Day 8. Taubulak – Taldykorgan – Almaty

Breakfast. Departure from Taubulak at 09:00. Arrival to Taldykorgan at 16:00, change of transport. Arrival to Almaty at 20:00.

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