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Duration: 17 days, out of them 13 days trekking by foot

Nomad’s Land and its team would like to present you a fascinating region perched in the middle of the Tien Shan. Kyrgyzstan, a country of nomads, in the heart of Central Asia, largely unexplored mountains offer a wonderful playground for all nature lovers and virgin land. The Kyrgyz people who has preserved its tradition of hospitality lives peacefully in a wondering variety of landscapes and making this country the pearl of Central Asia steppes, prairies, deserts, but also canyons, high alpine valleys, lakes with turquoise waters. In summer and winter, Nomad’s Land invites you to unreleased programs. We invite you to explore by foot and by car Lake Issyk-Kul, almost all of the Tien Shan mountain range. For lovers of unusual landscapes and untouched nature.

Day 1. Arrival – Transfer Bishkek – Chong Kemin (140km) Pick up at the Manas airport. Transfer to Soluxe guesthouse. Breakfast at the guesthouse. In the morning, sight seeing tour in Bishkek. Transfer to Burana, the ancient capital of Central Asia “Balasagun” tour of the park, the small museum and the minaret. Then transfer to the valley of Chong Kemin. Free time in the National Park Chon Kemin. Meals and overnight at the local family’s house.

Day 2. Trek Chong Kemin – Lake Kogur: Trekking 2 days to Lake Issyk Kul. The morning after a vehicle transfer to the canyon of the Chong Kemin river, we walk due east to Kogur lake at 2500m. alt. Overnight in tents. Alt. 2500m.
6 hours of trekking, +600 m-300m 8km.

Day 3. Trek Koel Toer Pass – Lake Issyk Kul – Karakol (180km) In the morning, we go through the pass at 3380m. alt. and we go down with a magnificent view of the Issyk Kul and chain Terskey Alatoo rising to over 5200 meters lake. Afternoon, we reach our car and we go along the northern shore of Issyk Koel, “hot lake”, the second largest alpine lake after Titcaca is, the pearl of Kyrgyzstan. We drive to Karakol, late arrival. Overnight in guesthouse.
5h trekking, 200km drive, + 880 m.; -900m.

Day 4. Transfer to the Valley Jeti-Oguz – trek to the valley of Teleti. In the morning we head towards the west of Karakol. Transfer 40 minutes. We arrive at the Jeti-Oguz valley, and start trek. We ride almost inpraticable old abandoned by modern jeep track. We walk along the river Jeti-Oguz. Arrival at the entrance of the valley of Asan-Tukum. Overnight in tents at 2800m. 5 hours trekking, +300m.

Day 5. Pass-Archa Teur 3850. On the 5th day we tackle the neck of Archa-Teur pass (3850m.) Picnic after the pass. Descent to the valley Kashka-Teur. Night beside creek at the entrance to the forest. 6/7h trekking, +1000 m.; – 900m.

Day 6. Glacier Kashka-Teur – descent into the valley of Chon Kyzyl-Suu: In the morning we climb the gorge Kashka-Teur. The goal is to get glaicier Kashka-Teur which is under the control of office study glaciers of Japan. Pic – nic near hunting cabin. Down the same path to the valley of Chon Kyzyl-Suu. We follow the river against the stream. Overnight in tents at 2700m., At the foot of the Savator pass. 6/7 hours trekking, + 600 m.; – 800m.

Day 7. Cross Savator pass at 3750m: Departure early morning. Today we have a long and difficult day. The start is steep, and the trail along the mountain slope. Picnic at the foot of the pass. Attack of the sandy neck. For our horses saddles, it will be really difficult. Check the neck, a wonderful view opens before. Descent into the valley of Kichi Kyzyl-Suu. Night at the entrance to the forest, 2900m. 7/8h trekking, + 1000 m.; – 800m

Day 8. Jumatay Pass – Valley Jukuchak: early morning, we go at the pass, which rises to 3325m. Down in the forest to the small narrow valley. Overnight in tents along the river. Opportunity to enjoy the hot spring, almost 39 ° C. Overnight in tents. 6/7 hours of trekking, + 700 m ; – 800m

Day 9 – 10. Transfer to Son-Kul Lake. Early morning, our driver will pick us. Load luggage in the car. The horse man come back to home with horses. On the way, visit hunter with eagle, then drive to Kochkor for visit of handcrafts center. Lunch with the locals. Following road to Kalmak Ashu at 3340m. Jewel of Kyrgyzstan, Son-Kul Lake, situated at 3016m, is a paradise for Kyrgyz shepherds and lovers of nature. At the end of the day arrival at the lake. Opportunity to ride around the yurt camp. 6h transfer 320km.

Day 11. Transfer Kazarman. In the morning, we take our vehicle to reach the pass of Moldo Ashuu, at 3400m. Picnic in the middle of the road. Arrival at the village located at the end of the plain of Ak-Talla. The road is in poor condition, 250km. Homestay accommodation. 5/6 h transfer, 280km.

Day 12. Transfer Kizil Unkur: In the morning we head towards the forest of walnut. Passage through the pass Keuk-Art, which rises to 3500m. Arrival in Jalal-Abad, lunch at a local restaurant. Following road to the village of Kizil Unkur, meadows Arslanbob. The largest forest nuts. Arriving to the bottom of the valley, install our tent camp. Night and meal in the tent. 6/7h of transfer.

Day 13-15. 3 days Trekking through the pastures we walk in the Tien-Shan to the west, towards the south. We cross three passes around 3000m to arrive at Lake Kara-Suu, at 2300m. We have animals saddles for carrying our luggage. The nights in tents and meals. 6-7h trekking every day.

Day 16. Transfer Toktogul: Our vehicle picks us up at the camp. Transfer to Toktogul. Walk to downtown, homestay accommodation. Leisure, rest. Evening meal at the same place. Shower. 100km, 2h

Day 17.  Transfer to Bishkek: The road is in good condition, in the middle of the road we can make the trip to the mountain lake. Arrival in Bishkek, free time, opportunity to go to the SPA. 280km.
Overnight in guest house Soluxe.

Price per person

  • 2 pax 2890 $/per
  • 3 pax 2290 $/per
  • 4 pax 1950 $/per
  • 5 pax 1790 $/per
  • 6 – 7 pax 1720 $/per
  • 8 – 9 pax 1700 $/per
  • 10 – 11 pax 1600 $/per
  • 12 – 13 pax 1530 $/per

Supplement price for single room in Bishkek – 60 $/per.
Sometimes we have open groups for trekking, you can join the tour with other people. Please request.

The price includes :

  • – The organization and logistics of the tour
  • – Trekking/Tourist guide English speaking
  • – All transfers by car
  • – Full board
  • – Horseman;
  • – Rent of horse;
  • – Cook;
  • – Accommodation
  • – The entrance to the museums mentioned in the program;
  • – Visiting the eagle hunter, manufacturer yurts, handicraft felt show, music folklore show;
  • – Mineral water out trek

The price doesn’t include

  • – Travel insurance
  • – Air ticket and tax
  • – Alcohol or sweetened mineral water.


    • –  This program is designed for walkers trained for 6-7 hours of trekking per day
    • –  The program is designed as a guide. It can undergo changes in function of flight schedules, weather conditions and other unforeseen.
    • –  On July 25, 2012, the visa is no longer required for Swiss citizens, EU, U.S., Canadian and Japanese (44 countries in all, see list on www mfa kg ), passport with at least 6 months valid for a period not exceeding 60 days. No mandatory vaccine.

    Preparation before tour: 

    Why Kyrgyzstan barely visited by tourists, if it passed during more than 3000 years by caravans from four sides of Eurasia. Infrastructure of villages is not in very high level. Refusing hospitality is often becomes annoying. In order to avoid misunderstandings, read the following authors such as Ella Maillart, Rene Cagnat, Tchengiz Aitmatov (« Jamilia » was translated on French by Louis Aragon) before you get prepared to visit.

    Per prenotare questo tour o per ogni altra informazione, contattaci!

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